4 Popular Ways To Save On Christmas Spending

Holiday spending can easily get out of hand and if you have a lot of gifts to buy, you might want to look into ways you can save some green without ending up on the naughty list.  Finding ways to cut back on your holiday spending is easier than you think.  Take a look at the four most popular ways to save on Christmas spending and get inspired to shrink your gift budget.

Shop sales

Instead of doing all of your holiday shopping in a single day, take a look at the sales and pace yourself.  By shopping around you are more likely to find the best deal on the items you want, which can add up to some huge savings.  Don’t assume that Black Friday is the only day you can score a bargain.  Many items can be found for better than Black Friday prices closer to the holiday.

If you’re really on your game, start your shopping well before December and you’ll have a better  chance at getting great deals and finding your items in stock.  Most people begin their holiday shopping in November, before Black Friday.


What used to be seen as a way for housewives to save on groceries, couponing is becoming a socially accepted norm.  Coupons are popping up for more items than just food and many stores offer percent off coupons that are good on any item.

Seasoned couponers know that matching a coupon with a sale is the best way to maximize your savings.  This process is known as stacking.  If you’re serious about using coupons to save money, you should keep a copy of the stores coupon policy with you as not all cashiers are well-versed on the house rules.  Also, it’s good to know if a store accepts competitor coupons so you can pick and choose your discounts to get the best possible deal.

Compare prices online

With the availability of the internet, many savvy shoppers are choosing to do their shopping around virtually.  If you have internet on your phone you can even do your shopping around in-store to instantly know if you’re getting the best deal.

One thing you have to remember is that online only merchandise often comes with a shipping charge, which you should factor into the cost of the item.  Shipping varies from store to store and even from item to item, so you need to really read the fine print or choose to only virtually shop at brick and mortar stores.

There are even apps that can help you do the price checking.  You simply scan the UPC of the item that you’re looking at and the app will do the work of finding it at other stores and telling you who has the best price.

Buying practical gifts

Many people confuse money and love.  Spending a lot doesn’t necessarily mean the gift giver put any more thought into the present or put any more stock into the relationship with the recipient.  Instead of focusing on price tags, focus on practicality.  Give a gift that the recipient will like and use and they will love it more than the expensive, but useless item you gave them last year.

Saving money doesn’t mean buying less, it just means spending less. With enough time and determination, you can shrink your holiday budget without shrinking the number or quality of gifts that you buy.