4 Unique Ways To Save On Gas

There’s no telling what direction gas prices will go in next. It seems like we’ll be bouncing around three to five dollar gas for the next couple of years. Yet a natural disaster or global conflict can easily cause the price of gas to spike even higher than that.

But rather than waiting for some large calamity to take place you might as well begin saving on your fuel expenses now. Here are five unique ways you can save money on your gas right now.

Change Your Schedule

You don’t waste anywhere near as much gas going 60 mph on the highway than you do when you’re in stop and go traffic. If you’ve got a 9 to 5 schedule ask your employer if you can have your hours altered a bit. To avoid rush hour traffic you can come in two hours earlier or leave two hours later. Another option is to work a 10 hour shift 4 times a week, saving you one day of back and forth driving. Yet another option is to work from home one day per week.

Use A Gas App

Your smartphone should have several mobile apps, the most popular being Gas Buddy, that will help you locate the cheapest gas stations in your area. This is helpful when on road trips or it can help you find a new favorite spot to get your gas. Instead of filling up near your home you may find a cheaper station near your workplace instead.

Get A Fuel Efficient Vehicle

I’m not saying you should spend money to buy a car if you don’t need one, but make sure your next car is a fuel efficient one. You might not even need to buy a hybrid, but just buy a smaller car. Edmunds has a neat gas mileage savings calculator that will help you determine how much money you can save by switching to a more fuel efficient car.

Change Your Driving Maneurisms

Not only how much you drive, but how you drive, also affects how much gasoline your car wastes. Here are some driving tips to help you save on gas.

  • Don’t step on the accelerator too much when taking off. It’s not a race and it won’t help you get to your destination sooner. The traffic lights determine that, not your speed.
  • If you see a red light in the distance, stop accelerating and coast to a complete stop.  You’ll save on gas and on your brakes.
  • Drive at the speed limit. Your car doesn’t waste much gas going 40 or even 60 miles per hour. But push it to 80 and you’ll empty your tank in no time.