5 Reasons You Need A Debt Accountability Partner


Accountability partners are really getting popular in America lately. This is not completely unexpected. If you’re trying to get over an addiction, the best way of getting over it is to be held accountable. The problem with people trying to go through rehab by themselves is that they easily get caught in a spiral of denial, and eventually you trick yourself into thinking that you don’t have a problem. Having an accountability partner helps you focus in getting over your addiction and getting better.

Increasingly more and more people are getting accountability partners to help free them from debt. Let’s face it: debt addiction is just as bad as sex, alcohol, or drug addiction. It’s a series of behaviors, which make you feel that you lost control over so it’s really important to equip yourself with the right tools to combat the impulses and a debt accountability partner is a big step towards helping you lead a normal financial life.

Here are five important reasons why you should get a debt accountability partner:

1. They are not your friends

This is crucial because most people use their friends as enablers. If you have a drinking problem, and you hang out with your friends, your friends will, most likely, drink with you-thereby enabling your addiction. They can hold their alcohol and stop drinking whenever they want, but you can’t and it is you who loses out. You don’t have that situation with an accountability partner because he or she is not your friend. The accountability partner is there to do a job – making you accountable of your spending and saving habits.

2. They are not concerned about your feelings

When you have an addiction, smoking for example, and you’re trying to quit it and seek the help of your friends. Though they would want to be blunt and direct with you to help you get on track with an addiction-free lifestyle; however, since they’re your friends, they don’t want to hurt your feelings. But the problem with that is that it enables you to think that there is no problem and instead of you getting the right encouragement and correction, you actually get worse. To put it simply, friends cuddle you to death.

You don’t have that problem with an accountability partner. They will, frankly, tell you that you are overspending and that they are disappointed in you. They can easily do this because, unlike your friends, they are not concerned about your feelings; they are more concerned about results – you’re freedom from debt.

3. You can’t manipulate them

Friends can easily be manipulated. At the end of the day, they just want to remain their friendly bond with you so it’s easy to emotionally push them around. You can’t do that with an accountability partner and this is a huge advantage. They act like a fortified stone wall – keeping you grounded, keeping you in place, and keeping you straight. There are times where tough love is the best kind of love.

4. They don’t live with you

When the people that you turn to help with your addiction live with you, they’re, for the most part, walking on eggshells They don’t want to offend you, hurt your feelings, so on and so forth. When they do this, they’re actually making it worse for you because your addiction grows instead of getting better. Instead of helping you on your way to recovery, they’re helping you to get worse. At the very best, they’re depriving you of the help that you need. Accountability partners, on the other hand, don’t live with you so they don’t have a vested interest in making you feel good. Their only interest is helping you get the job done.

5. They can afford to be objective

When you’re dealing with friends in an addiction recovery situation, they oftentimes lost all their objectivity. Why? Because they know you, they are compassionate, and they try to look at your situation from your eyes. There’s a lot of understanding there; however, the downside to all that is they lose objectivity. Instead of telling you the harsh things that let you realize and recover, they end up enabling you. So it’s a tightrope that a good friend is walking when a close friend is dealing with an addiction problem.

Keep the five reasons in mind when you’re considering a debt accountability partner. Getting a right accountability partner might be the best move you make to free yourself from debt.