Ask For A Discount On Your Bills

If you think the only way to save money is through using coupons or waiting for sales then you’re wrong. You can get a discount on your monthly bills as well. Is it difficult? Not at all. How do you do it? You simply ask for a discount. That’s right, you can ask for a discount on your bills, even your utility bills and get one.

Which bills can you get a discount on? Just about any of them. This includes your cell phone bill, your cable bill, your credit card company and your car, home or life insurance company as well. Savings vary by company so your mileage my vary.

Here’s how to get a discount on your monthly bills. Have the right mindset before you make the call. You have to know that the company does not want you to leave, they would rather give you a discount on their services rather than have you leave. So you must be prepared to at least pretend that you want to cancel service.

When you call, speak to the right person. You’ll want to talk to someone who has the authority to cancel your account. They are the same ones who can offer you a discount. Let them know that you love their service, but you simply cannot afford it any more due to your current financial situation.

Rather than cancel your account, they will ask you how much you can afford to pay. Some will offer to defer your payments for a couple of months until you’re able to pay. This is your time to get the best discount possible. If you’re paying $75 a month for cable, tell them that you can only afford $50 a month. They will refuse and offer you $70 a month. You will then tell them that the most you can possibly afford is $65 and not a penny more. The company will then have to make a decision, keep you at $65 a month or lose you. They will choose to keep you.

You have just now lowered that bill by $10/mo. This translates into $120 per year. Now imagine doing that with your other services. This translates into some pretty good savings every year. Many companies will only give you this discount for a period of a few months to a year. But you can just call them back when your discount expires and see if you can get an extension on it.

What about utility bills? This one is hit and miss. For the most part, you won’t get much of a reprieve from those bills, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Most of them will work with you as far as delaying payments while keeping your services active. This will save you money since you will not be accruing late fees and it gives you a few months to get your finances in order.