Excuses Used To Avoid Your Debt Problem

It’s never easy for a proud American to admit they have money troubles. And while the problem can never be resolved by denial, that’s exactly what many people do in an attempt to avoid facing the harsh reality of a difficult situation. Many times they fool themselves as a way of continuing in the lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to. But being less than honest and unwilling to acknowledge their situation by deluding themselves in the following ways, they only make a bad situation worse.

My situation isn’t anywhere near as bad as theirs. By comparing problems, whether money or otherwise, it’s easy to find someone in a worse condition. It may be the justification used to continue living as they are, even when it adds more debt to the situation. Be aware of someone in a worse condition does nothing to address the problem.

I deserve the best in life. Several years ago “Just Do It” was the catchphrase of anyone who wanted the good things in life. But while pursuing that dream, it should be understood that are responsibilities attached to and that the best things in life aren’t free. Hard work and perseverance are hallmarks of people who have gotten ahead in life. High end toys and luxuries come with a price but hopefully not in overwhelming debt.

I need to maintain my standard of living. One of the hardest things to do is make change and when it comes to the way we live, it’s understandable why anyone would balk. But by trying to maintain an image or keep up with the Jones’, debt problems will continue to haunt.

I just need a little more time. Waiting for tax return reason or playing the lottery in hopes of winning the big prize is just postponing the inevitable. Solutions for our money woes take hard work and only resolve in an instant in our dreams or in a Hollywood movie.

It’s really not all that bad. This is the perhaps the number one way people deny the reality of their debt problems. Faulty reasoning, along with a distorted picture of the situation, will lead to more debt trouble while you ignore the truth of your financial condition.

Admitting a problem is the first step in resolving one. If you’re over your head in debt, you’ll need to look at your situation clearly and honestly and put limits on any further purchases. Debt obligations need to be focused on for payoff.