People Who Called You A Deadbeat Did You A Favor


On the internet, as well as in real life, there are many haters – people that are happy making other people unhappy. They are everywhere. Well, when it comes to your personal life or your business life, people who call you a dead beat might be doing you a favor.

How? Bad news is easier to take action on than good news. Let me repeat that again: people learn better when they face failure rather than success. Failure is the best teacher, because it’s easier to figure out what went wrong and fix it than with success. With success, there are many parts to your personal success and you just don’t know what part is actually causing it, so as a result, you don’t really know what success formula really is; you just have a vague idea of success.

With failure it is easier to identify the part that didn’t work properly. It’s easier to pinpoint the activities that did not produce the intended result. So learn from failure and when people call you a dead beat that is a form of failure. So welcome it and learn from it.

The opportunity of honest albeit harsh criticism

When people critique you harshly, they are giving you an opportunity to change your bad financial habits. When you get harsh criticism you get an emotional push to change. You don’t get that when you get praised, when people pat you on the back, when money flows like a river. You get that push when money dries up and people call you a dead beat. So use that opportunity. As Rick Kimball would say, ” Don’t let the momentum of a certain situation carry you into a bad decision. Be prepared to make midcourse corrections even if that is disruptive and unpopular.”

The sting of judgment and criticism

When you feel that you’re being judged and criticized, you can do one of two things – fight or flee. If you flee, you basically withdraw and you’re basically saying that they are right and you are wrong.

Now, if you fight this means that you can either try to prove them wrong by changing what you’re doing. This is what you need to do; this is the responsible way to dealing with judgment criticism. This doesn’t mean attacking them personally; this means changing yourself.

Our friends’ politeness might get in the way

Our friends don’t want to hurt our feelings. That is the true definition of friendship but the problem is that it can enable us to continue our bad habits that aren’t doing us any favors.

It’s better to listen to haters and critics because, guess what, they don’t have an investment in your emotional well being. They just want to make you feel bad, but they are doing you a favor, because they are telling you the truth.

So, get to the truth of what they’re saying because some are just trying to hurt your feelings, but if what they’re saying is true, get to the core of what they are saying and improve yourself.