Reasons To Become Your Own Boss


There are so many people that break their lifetime of working for someone else to set out on their own. The number of self employed small business owners globally is staggering. It can take a lot of guts to go out on your own. Once you’ve made that choice then it takes hard work and dedication to make it a success. The current state of consumer debt in SA could be another factor that could lead you to

Let’s take a look at the reasons people decide to make that step of becoming their own boss.

Fulfillment is a major factor in the decision making process for many self employed people. The fact that your current job doesn’t fill you with joy is something that is shared by millions around the world. Some take this lack of feeling fulfilled as a sign that they should be working for themselves, rather than answering to the back and call of their line manager and those above. To be able to answer to no-one except for their customers is a liberating feeling.

For some people it is seeing another go out on their own and be successful that is the inspiration to make their own leap into the unknown. If you see someone making a success out of their own business then two conflicting emotions often appear – you are impressed but also a little envious.

If you feel either of these emotions strongly then it may be the sign that you should pursue your own small business empire. You will want to replicate that impressed feeling with your peers, your friends and your family. You want others to view you in that light. The envy can often appear in the form of “I am as good as that person” and can be a real driving factor in you wanting to set up your own business sooner rather than later.

Sometimes the fact is that you can only trust yourself to look after yourself. Some companies are quite trigger happy and job security is not what it was in the days of my father and his father. If you are your own boss then you are in charge of your own destiny. This again is a very liberating feeling but also one that pushes you to produce better work all the time as you attempt to gain and keep customers. It becomes its own motivation to you and your business as you strive to be better every day in a way that you just couldn’t reach when you worked for someone else.

Money is a factor but it is not as big an influence as you would think. The fact is that most small businesses don’t make their owners unimaginably wealthy overnight, so make sure that if you are looking to start your own business then it is in something that you love and enjoy – not just to make a quick buck.

There are great reasons to become your own boss and many people from all over the world take this step every day of the week.