Use The Power Of Momentum To Build Your Nest Egg


It is very hard to start anything. Imagine yourself trying to push a giant boulder off a hilltop. It is very hard to budge this huge rock. However, once you are able to get it to rock back and forth and rolling forward, you will notice that your problem is no longer one of having to get the rock rolling. No, your problem is now about how to stop the rock. You have just experienced the power of momentum.

Things that are at rest tend to stay at rest. However, once you start making progress and start getting movement, things will continue moving. This is the truth when it comes to physics but it is also true when it comes to our attitudes and personal actions. You can use the power of momentum in building your nest egg for your retirement or for building capital for the business you have always dreamed of.

Getting past the starting stage

Too many people give up on their dreams when they realize that taking the first step takes a lot more effort than they were prepared to expend. They get disappointed. They get frustrated. Then they give up. The key to making sure this doesn’t happen to you is to set the right expectations. Expect that getting started will be rough. Expect to expend lots of effort.

When you have the right mindset – in this case, you have the right expectations – the world opens up to you. Instead of being discouraged when, as predicted, the first steps are hard, you have the strength to push harder. Instead of discouraging you, you get a second wind and you keep pushing harder. Expectations are crucial. Don’t expect things to be easy. Don’t have an entitlement mentality. You aren’t entitled to have things easy. Instead, expect to pay your dues like the rest of humanity.

You should also be able to learn how to develop a growth mindset. HExL, Inc. founder and CEORick Kimball puts it best: “It’s invaluable to have a curious mind and to be prepared to make mistakes as you build new capability and take on new challenges.” To learn more, you can check out this interview.

Get excited with momentum

Once you start seeing results from your efforts-whether saving money or earning extra income-measure your success in terms of the fact that you were able to produce success. This helps you cope with the inevitable question that will pop into your mind. You will eventually ask yourself the question, ‘Is this enough?’ By focusing on the fact that you are victorious just for getting results, you short circuit this eventual question.

Next, get excited about the fact that you are making progress. Get energized by the fact that you are moving forward. Resolve to double your efforts since you can clearly see that a little effort can produce results. Challenge yourself. You will soon notice more results and you no longer feel the urge to stop and quit. Pretty soon you will get enough results to beef up your nest egg.