Why A Low Credit Score Might Be Good For You


Just hear me out on this one. This might come as a bit of a shock but many of the bad things in our lives might actually be good for us. Don’t hang me out to dry or run me out of town just yet. Hear me out. When bad things happen to you, it is in reality a wake up call. You can react by either seeing yourself as a victim that God ran over by circumstances or by seeing yourself as a student faced with a puzzle and solve it to help you become a successful person.

A lot of the successful people in the world are just like you and me who experienced difficulties and found solutions which they used to create systems that not only has put their life on a whole new level but has also helped the people around them. This is not a “positive attitude” talk or “think positive” wishful thinking. This is the reality. You can either choose to be a victim or a victor.

Which would you rather be? Somebody whose life is being controlled by other people and circumstances or somebody who takes control regardless what happens? This very attitude applies to credit scores as well.

Bad News Can Be The Wake Up Call You Need

The truth is that bad news can be the wake up call that you need to get over denial. Most people who are in denial have more problems. What’s worse is that they don’t see the problem because of their denial. See how this works? It is a circular logic that is a downward spiral that prevents people from living the lives that they should be living. If you want to live up to your full personal potential, you need to get out of your denial issues.

So if you decide to check your credit score and see it is painfully low then great, this is exactly what you need. Get shocked and let reality set in, this is the wake up call you needed.

Get Started On Greater Personal Discipline

When you are faced with troubles, which in this case take its form in low credit scores, you should choose to take better control of your personal discipline. This can be done by saving money, paying debts on time and allotting more of your income for debt servicing. This way, problems push you to make a decision and to take action.

You won’t ever raise your credit score if you don’t get out of debt and curb your spending. By having a low credit score, it will force you to change your spending habits in a positive way.

Better Discipline Can Help You With All Aspects Of Your Life

If you can conquer your spending habits and move past the financial habits that hold you back, you can pretty much become an unstoppable force. This is because developing a sense of personal discipline helps you to handle different aspects of your life more effectively such as in losing weight, in dealing with people, making more money, producing better results at work and many others.

If you have the right amount of discipline, you can become financially unstoppable. The world becomes your playground instead of you being run over by bad news and circumstances which are beyond your control.