Why They Want You To Go Paperless

Soon the days of receiving a paper bill in the mail every month will be a thing of the past. Most companies not only offer paperless billing but they really push for it too. You’ve got to wonder why these companies are really pushing for you to get your bill via email instead of through the mail this much. Some even offer you $5 off your next bill if you make the switch.

Why do they say they want you to go paperless? The reason these companies keep repeating is to save the trees and be more environmentally friendly. While that is a benefit to the planet, that’s of no benefit to the company. They have their own reasons for wanting you to receive your bill electronically.


It all boils down to money, which should not surprise you. Companies stand to save substantially if you switch to paperless billing. Just think of the cost of a postage stamp. Now multiply that by 12. That’s about $5. Now multiply that by the number of customers they have. With two million customers that’s a whopping 10 million dollars they can save on the postage fees alone.


Yes paper kills trees, but what corporations care about is money and paper costs money. Each bill has a few sheets of paper. Even though paper is cheap, a few sheets multiplied by their customer total equals tens of thousands of dollars.


With all of the bills coming through the mail the companies need to hire staff to input the data, cash the checks and update the records. With paperless billing a computer program handles all of that at a fraction of the cost.

Extra Fees

When customers switch to the paperless billing option they are less likely to look at their bill. Most of the time when customers switch to electronic billing they also opt for automatic payments too. This means that they are less likely to notice when a bill has crept up a couple of dollars.